About Us

Vantage View Technologies Limited was founded in January 2016. It was the brainchild of Samuel Adesunmiboye Ojo, President & Chief Executive Officer of the company. He was motivated by the clarion call of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to all Nigerians in the diaspora to come home and help in the political, economic and technological transformation of the country.

Sam’s primary focus is to utilize his wealth of experience in the fields of energy and information technologies to provide expert technology consulting services to leaders and decision-makers in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy. His plan is to:

  1. Leverage his network of Energy and IT Managers and professionals, who like him, served in the Oil & Gas industry for a combined +250 years, retired and are currently in the Energy and IT Consulting business.
  2. Stimulate the interests of Energy and Information Technology companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East to view favorably the current investment climate in Nigeria and reposition a portion of their investment portfolios in that direction. 
  3. Encourage young and highly skilled Nigerians and Africans in diaspora to consider short, medium or long-term work visits to Nigeria and help in the ongoing transformation drive. 
  4. Provide an enabling environment for thousands of Nigerian and African young men and women with engineering, science and technology backgrounds to cultivate a “can do” attitude, engage in creative ventures and not be permanently consigned to endless search for salary-paying jobs.

Sam had a humble beginning. His first post-High School job was in June of 1968 at the Nigerian Textile Mills (NTM), Ikeja-Lagos state as a Dye House Machine Operator. While on the job, he took to part-time studies and obtained professional diplomas in Book-Keeping & Accounts, Computer Programming & Electronic Data Processing. With these additional qualifications, he was transferred to the company’s Computer Division. Sam’s spirit of hard-work and devotion to duty quickly manifested in his new posting. He functioned everyday as Computer Operator and Associate Programmer. After nearly eighteen months on the job, he was hired by Industrial Gases Limited (IGL), Ijora - Lagos State.  

Sam spent less than two years at IGL. He was hired by the University of Ibadan (UI), Ibadan - Oyo State in February 1974 as a Programmer/Analyst. It was in this position that he single-handedly developed the first computerized Concessional Entrance Examination for any university in Nigeria. He became the toast of all academic and non-academic staff of the University. However, UI could not hold him for long as he was hired by Gulf Oil Company (Nigeria) Limited (GOCON) on September 1, 1975. Sam spent the next 30 years of his life at GOCON that became Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) in 1991.

He made significant achievements during his career. He attended several technical and managerial training programs in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America and served in IT leadership positions at these locations. It was during some of these foreign assignments that he studied and obtained his first and second degrees in Computer and Information Science.

Sam transformed GOCON’s six-person Electronic Data Processing Unit in 1975 to a thirty five-person Computer Services Division by 1988 and unto a one hundred and ten-person Information Technology Division by January 1996 when he became the IT Manager at CNL. His Division was a miniature of Chevron Corporation’s Energy and Information Technology Companies. All Upstream Computing and Telecommunications personnel and services that were hitherto in different Divisions were merged into the new IT Division.

Sam’s favorite watchword on assuming the new position was only Nigerians can genuinely help Nigerians”. He recruited, trained and empowered young and smart Nigerians with backgrounds in Computer Science, Geology, Geophysics, Chemical, Petroleum and Telecommunications Engineering. He assigned them to various challenging responsibilities. Several of those who went through his tutelage have been holding senior-level positions in and out of the Oil & Gas industry. He gave preferences to local companies in the award of procurement and service contracts. Several times, he placed his career and reputation at risk at a time when local companies could hardly be invited to tender let alone get a contract for technical services. Over time, CNL and the entire energy sector adopted this policy, which is now known nationally as “Local Content”. He held on to the position till August 2005 when he retired. Thereafter, he and his wife, Motunrayo Oluwafunke, relocated to the United States where they ventured into a small-scale business. Four years later, they sold the business and Sam returned to his profession. He has been doing freelance Energy and Information Technology Consulting services ever since.

Sam is humble, personable, principled, firm, hardworking, multi-tasking, intelligent, trustworthy, warm at heart and very captivating. He is reputed to be a frank and forthright person especially on issues that he holds very strongly to. He talks like a diplomat; a motivational speaker. His name, reputation and integrity always precede him.