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Microwave Systems

Microwave Communication is a Technology chosen to provide high-speed communications links, when it is not economically feasible to install fiber optic cable systems. Microwave systems offer quick installations, abundant bandwidth, low sustainment costs.

Microwave solutions offering can be composed of one or combination of the following topologies; the final solution is dependent on the requirements, taking into consideration existing network configuration and assets.

Point-to-point Topology. Used in providing high speed backbone links between major nodes in an enterprise or commercial network.

Star Network Topology. It is composed of a base station and a number of remote stations. It is a cost-effective solution for providing last-mile access to remote offices and users. However, the base station is a common point of failure

Mesh Network Topology. This topology offers mitigates the common point of failure in star networks. Sites have multiple links between them; thereby the failure of one node does not affect the other nodes. Mesh networks are widely used in wireless CCTV systems.


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