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Unified Communication Solutions

Voice Recording Management

It constitutes one of the most important cornerstones of communications infrastructure. Benefits:

  • Staff speak more carefully
  • Ensures quality management
  • Relax retrospective record
  • Sign up limit is directly proportional to your hardware.

Voice Mail Management

Personnel working in institutions can spend all their time at a desk. In this case, the phone is called, one of the technology is also used to return to call Voicemail.

  • Phone messages can relax over
  • Staff mail to be sent as e-mail messages left
  • Voice Mail limit is proportional to the hardware limit.

Conferance Management

One of the features of an IP PBX system provided by the Conference Room feature;

  • Unlimited conference room identifiable,
  • This conference room can be determined separately for each of the properties,
  • Limit determined by the participants of the conference room,
  • Participation and password can be assigned to connect to the conference room
  • Audio accomplished recording.

Conference Room, the system is being created by performing the necessary definitions are given via the corresponding interface and a built-in number for each conference room.

  • Conference Settings via the interface,
  • Name and number of the conference room
  • Participants limit,
  • Participation password,
  • Time requirement
  • The appointment of features such as hold music is performed.

The number of users who will participate in the conference room momentarily, found that the system is proportional to hardware limitations and the number of channels, there is no software limit.

Inbound Contact Center

Provide Quick and Easy Call Center Management Call Center Solution with Tegsoft®

Call Centre, despite their being fictionalized as customer demand and unit will serve to meet the complaints, the world is now changing with emerging technologies, reflecting the corporate identity firms are playing a key role in the unit.

The impact of advances in technology, Call Centers, not now not only serve through phone calls, email, fax, SMS, also through different channels, such as web-chat customer dialogue has become centers can be established. With this change not only in Call Centers Call Center, Customer Contact Center (Contact Center or Customer Contact Center) as also stated.


The Advantages of Call Center

Customer can receive services from a single center
Taking unnecessary burden on support staff
Be a center of receipt of customer demand 7.24
Customer requests, complaints or information in a simple and easy way to perform evaluation and analysis in line with the vision of the company
To provide great support to sales and marketing activities
Customer recognition, updating customer information, increasing customer loyalty
In line with the analysis and the report can be made more effective resource planning occur
The service is provided through a team of professionals due to the increased sense of satisfaction in customer
The collected data is stored in a single source of product and service development and the benefits of later times

Tegsoft® Call Center Solution - tegsoftcc

Companies with customers' by telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS, web-chat as the dialogue conducted using different communication channels and user-friendly interface and through the Web-based offering to manage a single screen is an application.

Built on an advanced IP PBX Call Center tegsoftpbx Tegsoft® çözümütegsoftcc, thanks to the flexible and adaptable infrastructure it provides allows to increase the capacity of the call center with a quick and easy transition. Daily call capacity and instant customer representative when compared with the number of screen use, environmentally friendly architecture requires much less investment as the equivalent product also saves on maintenance and energy costs. Tegsoftcc'n the sector in place ensure compatibility and known IP substations with a VOIP infrastructure with high capacity developed by the Intelligent Call Routing Tegsoft® running smoothly (ICR) provides software.

In tegsoftcc, Customer Representative With managed from a single point for all communication channels with ICR in infrastructure calls repeatedly from the same Web screen, the campaign calls, web-chat, e-mail, you can meet your SMS communication requests or external calls (preview dialing) can perform. Also, thanks to the integrated Webphone Customer Representative screen, eliminating the need to physically use a phone enables to reduce the hardware costs.

Tegsoftcc, companies can operate in infrastructure such as local as they establish their own structure, physical environment, in the form of monthly rental is also available without the need for hardware and infrastructure investments that can be achieved with use of Cloud Services.

Outbound Contact Center

CC Tegsoft Campaign Management
Tegsoft with CCR Campaign Management Empower customer dialogue.
Located in the tegsoftcc'n A Predictive Outbound Campaign Management Module and deliver IVR and Outbound Module
• saves time by performing automatic external calls to your meeting as well as metric can reduce your costs.
• You can get customer feedback survey by performing applications.
• You can give your customers about your new service and service allows you to direct your conversation with your customers who are interested mt.
• Missed calls as you can define your campaign and increase your customer satisfaction by providing automated outbound calls return with you trying to reach your customers.
Predictive Outbound Module
Tegsoftcc, follow all external calls made in your mt ensures that customer information reported as external calls. You can also automate the search and Predictive Outbound Module designed for you to save time.
With this module, the external calls will automatically start and is included in customer phone calls started at MTs. This feature helps you both time as well as minimizing the cost of calls.
Predictive Outbound Module does not hold the phone to meet your customers with an MTA does not listen to music. Start a conversation with your customers as soon as the phone is switched on mt. It also estimates based on this system working meeting your customer service representative will estimate the time it will end and performs other search so that maximum efficiency is obtained from the customer service representative call automatically shut down when the new call.
Outbound IVR Module
Tegsoftcc Predictive Outbound Module can search focused as MTA, the MTA will be specified without providing the operation of the automatic calls can also start the scenario.
Your customers can be played disclosure announcements calling, touch and studies provided by different transitions to announce scenario, do the scoring and give regular answers to survey questions may be asked.
Tegsoftcc with automatic dialing in accordance with the conditions and capacity can be started when you specify; You can perform analysis with detailed reports.

**Source: Alfacom Technologies website**