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Application Management Services

In our day, business world is changing and evolving at least as fast as the technology. Alfacom is offering to you flexible services you need in order to keep pace with change and to be stronger. By this Application Management Service, Alfacom is preventing the loss of time arising out of your operational jobs on the application side, thereby enabling you to focus only on your core business goals.

Alfacom Application Management Service covers all of the maintenance, support and management services which are applied by taking ITIL processes as a reference, and of which improvement and development cycle is continuously fictionalized and measured. Thus, your application is ensured to work and operate as a whole in the full process from registration to resolution of your demands and problems.

What are Advantages of Application Management Services?

  • Alfacom , providing a scalable structure against probable changes within the frame of the Application Management Service, fulfills and satisfies your application-based demands in line with the agreed upon service levels. Thus, the nature and intervention time of the service received are clearly defined, and service quality is assured, and quality becomes measurable and manageable.
  • Offering different service models variable depending on your needs, Alfacom is providing the services required for continuous operation of your applications either in its own location or in your company’s location through remote management. In addition, through onsite outsourced consulting services, Alfacom provides you with resources at your company’s location under your management or under management of KoçSistem.
  • Consulting, maintenance, support and management services are provided to the whole of your portfolio at technology and application layer. Thus, in addition to the ease of management, the tracking of all outsourcing services through a single communication point is also made possible.
  • Rather than holding specialized resources in all fields and subjects, you will obtain both efficiency and cost advantages by using the needed expertise at the correct level and at the correct time.