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Onshore & Offshore Solutions

GE’s Power Conversion business provides electrical equipment and complete solutions to drive compressors and pumps for use in gas treatment plants, re-injection plants, export gas compression stations, etc. These compression and pumping solutions contribute to safer, more reliable and cost-efficient processing.

GE solutions are based on a complete range of generators for power generation and a complete range of our proven Medium Voltage motors based on synchronous and induction technology for pumps and compression applications. Depending on the requirements, the motor can be powered via a powerful range of drives from 1 to 100 MW, providing high flexibility in operations and optimized efficiency at different operating points.

GE has also developed a range of high-speed motors offering an alternate solution to aging steam or gas turbines with a solution addressing environmental requirements.

**Source: GE Onshore Solutions: http://www.gepowerconversion.com/industries/oil-gas/onshore-solutions  **