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Underwater Vehicles

The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell energy system provides air-independent power for manned and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).  The power ranges from 300 kW down to 1 kW.  The fuel cell operates on hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, which is stored on board as a high pressure gas or as a low pressure cryogen.

A fuel cell based energy system will provide a significant increase in vehicle endurance and capability compared to advanced batteries.  Our S-80 PEM fuel cell product is fully qualified to military standards, exhibits long life, and can be sized to meet the vehicle’s power requirements.  The fuel and oxidant storage tanks have demonstrated aerospace and commercial pedigree.  Other benefits include: simple recharge, rapid startup and shutdown, quick reaction to wide power load changes and a neutrally buoyant operation with zero emissions.  In addition, the energy and recharge systems can be safely delivered ‘inert’ anywhere in the world, reducing risks during storage and handling.  We require only power and cooling to generate fuel, thereby reducing the logistics trail.

We are developing flexible, affordable, simple, and energy dense system solutions for 21-inch diameter underwater vehicles and larger.  We have decades of experience in designing and producing qualified undersea hardware that is reliable, durable, and safe.